In The Third Loop is now a Virtual Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America!

In the Third Loop is primarily a Facebook group. Rather than monthly meetings, we have a very vibrant and active community where someone is always there doing something! The Facebook group is free to all to participate in. We love our community and are here to support and celebrate you! Find us right here:

We also have weekly live events that we hold as Zoom meetings. We provide registration links to those meetings in our FB group. Our two current Live Events (Unraveled and Stitch Happens) are both held virtually via Zoom. We would love to see you there!

We are still developing our content and activities, so what you see now will continue to be built upon and improved as we get input and feedback from our members. Future new content and Live Events such as CGOA-sponsored chapter events and CALs, ITTL CALs, Coffee and Crochet Talk, ITTL After Dark, 1:1 Zoom calls, etc. will be limited to Supporters (i.e., those who pay ITTL “monthly dues”).

Our website is still in process, but you can take a peek at that here:

You can also follow our public pages on Facebook and Instagram

We look forward to having you drop by to hang out with us!

🕊Cara Louise, 🪴Christine, 🗯Courtney, and ☕Margaret 

We know everyone’s time is important—and precious. Becoming a Monthly Supporter of In The Third Loop gives you the opportunity to help us create more of what you love about our community. If you are not already a Monthly Supporter of In The Third Loop, you can become one right here: .

The Crochet Guild of America also has its own resources and activities, and to participate in those activities , you are required to become a CGOA Member. They charge yearly dues (which do not come to us in any way, shape, or form), and those are separate from any ITTL Monthly Supporter amount paid to us. You are NOT obligated to join CGOA at all—it is here as an option if you wish to expand your crochet network. (Some of our future “official” CGOA chapter events will have stipulations and rules that limit participation to CGOA members only.) You can find more info at their site here

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