We are a unique crochet community with something for everyone

Crochet is more than just a hook and yarn. It’s comfort, relief, relaxation, entertainment, and more… But above all else, crochet is community! A community of devoted, passionate crocheters. Some are experts, and some are just starting out, but all are super supportive and friendly to one another. And all are welcome. That’s just how we roll.

So … why “In The Third Loop”?

The third loop is the outsider loop. It’s the extra or advanced loop. It’s different, and not everyone knows about it. When you use it, it makes a nice texture, and it gives you that something extra.

That’s us. That’s who we are — we’re something extra. We’re the outsiders. We’re different, and not everyone knows about us.

If you’re looking for a nice community “texture,” join us on Facebook. ❤️